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    About us
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    Shan Dong Jie Chuang Machinery Co.,Ltd

    Add:No.138, Nanxin Zhuang west road, Jinan City, Shandong province


    Sales:Zhang Jie




      About us

    Shan Dong Jie Chuang Machinery Co.,Ltd is in Ji’nan - the beautiful city of springs. There are 63 employees, our employees are experienced in design, manufacture, assembly, programming, and well cooperation with foreign specialist.

    Main product include air flow and squeeze moulding line, automatic pouring machine, core assembly and drying line, Scope of business are mechanical and electrical system design and implementation in casting and NC industry, upgraded and relocation of casting equipment, electrical program upgrade from S5 to S7. Successful project including, molding line which types are static pressure, flaskless, open front mechanical line,and etc, sand treatment equipment which types are double disk cooler, sand mixer and etc, core making equipment which types are cold-box core blower, hot-box core blower and etc, moulding auxiliary equipment which types are knock-out machine, pouring machine, core setter, multiple vent unit, pouring gate milling machine and etc.

    Company aim:  To service our customer effectively and perfectly with our ability and passion, to satisfy our customer requirement with our effort, to perfect our work in detail with concept of honest and customer first.

    Let us create brilliant future together, and contribute to the basic industry.

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    Add: No.138, Nanxin Zhuang west road, Jinan City, Shandong province
    Sales: Zhang Jie   Tel: 86-0531-87977097
    ,15688886786    Fax: 86-0531-87977297,87162257    E-mail:15688886786@163.com

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